Rihanna live tweets England vs Uruguay match and confirms she's hilarious as well as sexy

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If you were worried about missing the highlights of the England vs Uruguay match tonight, Rihanna kept a hilarious running commentary of the whole thing. 
We know, it's the last person we expected too. 
The singer showed her humour in a stream of tweets documenting exactly what was happening on the field and her feelings about it all.
Which directly matched most of ours incidentally.
She began by writing: "ENGLAND whatchu gon do??!" Which we imagine was around the time Uruguay scored their first goal.
The stunning star added: "Fernando Muslera be on his s*** tho!"
And then came Wayne Rooney's goal, the one we had all been waiting for, and RiRi wrote: "Roooonnnnnnnneeeeeeeyyyyyy."
Of course, we all know what happened next, the score became 2-1 to Uruguay and Ri added: "Ooohhhhhh SH******* (and lots more stars)!!!!!"
But it only got better, because next we had: "Man they know better than to give Suarez that much room bruh!
"Uruguay defense is almost disrespectful!!! 2 good."
If that's not clear enough, we have rounded up the entire match in celebrity tweets - just to make it even more interesting.

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