Top 5 Business That Use Sustainable Green Power

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Top 5 Business That Use Sustainable Green Power
When we talk about green companies, we aren't just talking about companies that don't pollute the environment. A sustainable or green business is a company that has minimal or no impact on the environment while also reducing their carbon footprint. One way of helping is by using Green Power. Green power, also known as sustainable energy, is power created using renewable resources that don't comprise the wellness of future generations.
Many businesses tend to become green and use green power as a method of supporting the development of renewable energy. In the USA, the Green Power Partnership includes a great number of businesses from small companies to Fortune500 corporations.
The US Environmental Protection Agency issued a list containing the TOP 50 green companies in the US. The companies were ranked according to their annual green power as well as the green power resources they use. Here are the top 5:
5. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Kind of surprising but this retail magnate is regarded as the leader in sustainability and corporate philanthropy. On an annual level, they use around 751,431,792 kWh of green power. The main green sources biogas, solar energy, and wind power. They have more than 10,500 stores in 27 countries and approximately 200 million people visit these stores on a weekly basis. Wal-Mart is the retailing leader when it comes to saving money. In 2009, Wal-Mart won the Green Power Leadership Award.

Whole Foods Market
4. Whole Foods Market
The Whole Foods Market has a long term dedication to environmental protection and the usage of green power. They have won many awards for their green activities and commitment. WFM invests in green power on a local or regional level, depending on the decisions of the stores themselves. This company uses a total of 800,257,623 kWh of green power on an annual level; mostly solar and wind power. WFM has saved more than 20 million kWh of energy on an annual level with their green strategies and investments.

Kohl's Department Stores
3. Kohl's Department Stores
This family and value focused business has won many green awards just like Whole Foods. They aim to become a leader in environmental sustainability. The company spends 1,536,529,000 kWh on an annual basis. As a source for green power, they have mainly focused on solar energy. Kohl has been acknowledged by many environmental organizations for their activities and dedication.

Microsoft Corporation
2. Microsoft Corporation
As a software and technology giant, Microsoft has dedicated itself to protecting the environment. Microsoft buys 1.1 billion kWh of green power every year. As of recently, the company announced that they will achieve carbon neutrality by increasing their renewable energy purchases, improving efficiency, and reducing the environmental impact. The company uses 1,935,637,485 kWh of green power that is mainly from biomass, solar, wind energy, and power from small hydro plants. Microsoft is investing a lot of money in designing buildings that will be more energy smart. They won the Partner of the Year award for 2012.

Intel Corporation
1. Intel Corporation
This technological giant is definitely the leader when it comes to using green energy. On an annual level, they purchase more than 3.1 billion kWh of green energy from solar, wind power, geothermal power, hydro, and biomass sources. Besides the annual purchased power, the company has its own supply solar energy with more than 7,000 kW. The 3.1 kWh of green power that this company buys in a year's time is enough to power 327,000 homes for a whole year.

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