How to get your woman to be wilder in bed

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How to get your woman to be wilder in bed
Gabrielle Morrisey discusses the importance of honesty and gives five fun tips on how to get you your woman to be a wild one in the bedroom.

Many men ask me how they can get their female partners, from casual girlfriends to wives of decades of long marriage, to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Men may have dropped the hint which went nowhere, or initiated a kinkier than usual sexual activity that got rejected, so they become fearful, shy or anxious to broach the topic again.

Read Gaby's 5 sure-fire firecrackers below
Just like our appetite for food, our sexual appetite is unique to each one of us, and we each have our own favourite things we like, and specific things we dislike. Some people will be more open to trying something new, and others will staunchly refuse to try anything they are not familiar with. If two partners get together who are both open to new possibilities, it’s much easier to have a varied and experimental love life. When one partner is reluctant, the burden to encourage exploration falls to the other.
There are good and bad ways to do this “encouraging”. Usually springing a surprise without any forewarning is likely to be unsuccessful. Rather than be viewed positively, a radical suggestion out of the blue is more often going to lead your partner to wonder why the sudden change. She may question if you are unsatisfied (do not say yes to this question).
She may start to doubt her attractiveness to you, and her own sexual self esteem may plummet. She may even worry that you have met someone else, had an affair, and now want to try these new “kinky” things. These thoughts are all going to lead her down a path away from your goal.

Rather than being frustrated and admonishing to your partner for not wanting to initiate or respond to new sexual experimentations, you need to stay positive and nurturing, fostering her sense of confidence, sexiness, allure, desirability as well as fun and playfulness in bed.  Ask her to try one thing first, and make it romantic rather than a complete 180 degree change from your existing physical sexual repertoire.

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1. Flattery will get you everywhere

Praise how sexy and irresistible she is every day, both inside and outside the bedroom. Don’t go too heavy with this so she doesn’t believe you, be genuine

2. Be romantic

It gets women in the mood. Put in a real effort, rather than asking her to respond to something new with tired old flirtation and predictable foreplay. If you want her to change her tune, you need to up your game too. Seduce her in the way you know she loves (hint: it worked for you in the beginning to get her to fall for you, so go back to that)

3. Manscape yourself

Make yourself sexy and desirable to her. Don’t expect her to want to lust after you and get wild with you while you’re slouched on the sofa, unshaven in your track pants and giving her a little nudge with the line, “Hey, you in the mood tonight?”. Dress nicely, wear cologne. Impress her like you did in the beginning.

4. Ask her for something new to try

Or give her a choice. Make it something she might warm to and give her the decision, that way she’s doing something she’s more likely to be into, rather than doing something just to please you.

5. Be playful, positive and praising

Whether the experimentation of getting wilder went well on the first try or not. Change is a process, not always instant gratification.

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