The ‘True Love Bra’ Senses Mr. Right

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True Love BraThe brassiere, despite its status as an undergarment, has managed to get plenty of exposure in the more than 100 years since it was invented.
But there’s not much more that can be done to improve the sexy lingerie item which also serves a utilitarian purpose. It’s supposed to be about support, guys.
Last year some crazy designer made the “Million Dollar Bra” but it turned out it was just a publicity stunt. How many women can afford the steep price tag, due mostly to the rubies, diamonds and gems glued on? Ouch!
True Love BraThis is where the “True Love Bra” comes in.
A completely novel idea, which incorporates social media, the new bra tells a woman when she’s found the man of her dreams by automatically unhooking the front clasp when Mr. Right walks into the room.
Being billed as a “security device” rather than a new fashion line, the Ravijour brassiere includes a little “heart light” which secures the front clasp. It changes color as women interact with different men, most of whom, apparently have other things on their minds.
Flashing icy blue (he’s not The One) to a warm lavender (signaling Mr. Right is here!) the True Love Bra “senses” a woman’s reaction to a prospective partner by monitoring the quickening of her heartbeat.
True Love BraApparently, there’s a big difference between a rising heartbeat when it comes to working out, or even anxiousness and depression. Who knew?
As it turns out, a woman’s heartbeat displays some rarer variations when she’s feeling the flush of love. It’s that variation detected which automatically unhooks the clasp on the True Love Bra, opening a woman’s heart (and her blouse?) to her soul mate.
The bra is not actually for sale. Yet.
To try it out, six couples can earn a chance to get it working by winning a contest and staying at some of the finest  luxury hotels in Japan.
But, if the True Love Bra becomes a hit, expect to see them flying off the shelves real soon. Automatically, of course.

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